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What is Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage! It has a distinctive sour taste from the lactic acid formed from the bacteria, which consumes the sugar in the leaves during the fermentation process. It is simpy finely shredded cabbage and sea salt, left to ferment for three weeks! This produces a probiotic and nutrient dense side dish that has been eaten for centuries.

There is residue under the lid of my sauerkraut, is this normal?

Yes! We do all our fermenting IN JAR. Through this process the mixure bubbles and literally comes alive. Juices spill out from the lid and eventually form a seal. Due to the different cabbages (red & green) and different natural, whole ingredientds we use, the results may vary. Rest assured this is perfectly safe, and isn't mould.

Do i need to refrigerate Herbs of Life Sauerkraut?

Yes! Our kraut is 100% living! it is unpasturized unlike many supermarket brands and the bacteria is very much alive and thriving.

My jar fizzed upon opening! Is this normal?

Yes! Due to our fermentation techniques, all the live bacteria and subsequent gasses remain in the jar through the whole proces. This forms a seal. Sometimes, on opning you may get a "pop" or some fizzing. This is normal.

Do you use Starter Cultures?

No, we don't! We use WIld Fermentation techniques only, the cabbage contains all it needs to ferment correctly! in doing this our kraut remains crunchy, sour & delicious - without the additives!



몬스터큐브, 루트원소프트 인수. 비트베리 품어..

몬스터큐브는 3일 서울 삼성동 본사에서 진행된 루트원과의 인수합병 소식을 전해왔다..


맛집앱 1위 시럽테이블, '가상화폐 결제플랫폼'으로 탈바꿈 ...

현재 가상화폐(암호화폐) 시장은 투자나 펀딩, 거래소에만 사람이 몰려요. 실생활에서는 쓰임새를 찾아볼 수 없습니다..

소다플레이로 암호화폐 대중화 목표..

2019년은 블록체인·암호화폐 업계가 내실을 다진 시기였다. 전세계적으로 페이스북의 ...

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